• Costs:  R600
  • Length: 3 - 5 min
  • Please note:  The school may use the topics of Public Speaking competitions for the oral exams.  
  • Teachers usually choose the children with the highest marks in the class to proceed to the first round of the Public Speaking competition.  Try to ascertain whether this might be the case with your child’s speech assignment.  
  • Should two children deliver the same speech, both the children will be disqualified immediately – even if the competition is still only on a school internal level.  Do not take the chance of having your child disqualified or penalised!       
  • By ordering the “National Exclusive Rights” option, the content of the speech will be specifically for your child.  No other child in the country will have the same, or even similar, speech as your child.   
  • The content of a “Public Speaking” speech usually consists of an introduction, 3 arguments with supporting references, a summary and a conclusion.
  • The content of an “Orators” speech may contain the above or none of the above.  For orators, please specify the requisites of the content in the order form under “Additional information”.     
  • Should you receive competition rules, please upload them to STER REDENAARS.

Terms and conditions:

  • It may take 10 – 15 working days to complete the speech.  
  • STER REDENAARS will make a choice for your list of topics, should you not indicate your choice.
  • STER REDENAARS will formulate a subject on your behalf should we not receive your choice of subject.
  • STER REDENAARS will formulate 3 arguments should we not receive them from you.
  • You may not transfer or resell a STER REDENAARS speech to a third party.
  • STER REDENAARS accepts no responsibility for speeches that you share or show to a third party.  It is your responsibility not to show or share your speech with anyone else.
  • No changes will be made to speeches once they have been sent to you.  
  • Should we not receive a payment with the order, we will accept that you have cancelled  the order.  No payment, no speech.  
  • STER REDENAARS cannot refund you for the speech should you not “like” it.  Once you have received the speech, you have seen the content and it now belongs to you.

You hereby accept the terms and conditions above and will now proceed to Payfast to make a payment, thereafter you MUST complete the order form.